SEGA Saturn Coding Contest (C4 - 2007)

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All entries of the C4-2007 SEGA Saturn Coding Contest on a single CD image (multiple entries per CD):
1) Destiny's Kingdom
2) Police Officer Smith C4
3) Gaganoid
4) Yaul Demo
5) Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager
6) SEGA Blur
7) Save Game Manager.
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Of course, all entries have been judged as single-game cd images.

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All entries of the C4-2007 SEGA Saturn Coding Contest as seperate CD images (one entry per CD):
1) Destiny's Kingdom
2) Police Officer Smith C4
3) Gaganoid
4) Yaul Demo
5) Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager
6) SEGA Blur
Also contained is a free CUE-sheet (ISO-MP3) compatible CD writing software ImgBurn for Windows.


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1 Police Officer Smith Arnold, Rockin'-B 70 5
2 Gaganoid VBT 68 2
3 Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager Madroms 51 4
4 Destiny's Kingdom Amon 42 1
5 Yaul Demo Piratero 30 3
6 SEGA Blur VBT 23 1

A side note: in case you wonder why the one who holds the contest did win his own contest: So far, I did participate in any Saturn coding contest in history. Traditionally, I create an entry for my own contest, to increase the competition and to motivate the others. My own entry get's a rank, but doesn't get a prize. So it's absolutely fair, no other contestant is discriminated, the prize he get's is the same as if I would not have entered an entry. It has always been that way. Previously, I always settled third and I'm happy that finally, I managed to get first :) . As we have 5 USB Data Link devices spare and as my partner Arnold has done the most work on our entry, he will get one of the spare USB Data Link devices.


Destiny's Kingdom, by Amon

Judge Sum Ceno Denymetanol djbass PerfectDarky Rockin'-B Ryo Suzuki SeGaFrEaK_NL
Graphics 16 3
Der Titelscreen gefiel mir noch sehr gut und machte auf jeden Fall
neugierig! Die eigentliche Ingame-Grafik konnte das allerdings leider
nicht aufrecht erhalten. Die Charaktere sind allesamt Rips und zudem
geschieht eigentlich nichts, außer, dass die Grafiken ausgegeben und
die Statustexte ausgegeben werden. Etwas mehr "leben", z.B. leichte
Angriffsanimationen (hier hätte ja ein Bewegen von links nach rechts
ausgereicht und vielleicht ein "xx Hits" Symbol - aber das kommt ja
vielleicht noch in einer zukünftigen Version ^^).
Die Hintergründe waren teilweise hübsch anzusehen, nur leider wollte
das Gesamtbild nicht so recht überzeugen. Schade, eigentlich.
a bit simple and statics, would be great, actually a bit poor.
The graphics are bright and bubbly and fit the Fantasy/RPG theme well, unfortunately they do not add any real value to the overall gameplay.
The Gothic type font used throughout the entirety of the demo works well for the main menu but is more of a hinderance to readability when
featured in both dialogue and UI elements (especially bright blue text on a bright blue background).
1 4
Really good graphics generally. Pretty good draw, with a very well done ilustration. Reminds me to some of the big Saturn games like Guardian Heroes.
The enemies are of bigger quality than the starring fairys, big variety of them and very professional. Bottoms, menus, fonts, etc are pretty good made.
All in all here we have pretty good graphics by one side, and nothing bad to attribute.
There's little to see in Destiny's Kingdom. The main menu looks pretty good and most of the backgrounds fit well. The player and enemy sprites are a little disappointing (I don't think they're original artwork).
There's sadly no animation at all, which would've helped this game a lot. The font during the actual battle is really hard to read and the game's biggest flaw. Black
and slightly smaller text sure would've been a godsend.
Sound 13 2
Hier wusste ich nicht so recht, was und wie ich es bewerten sollte.
Soundeffekte gibt es keine und die Hintergrundmusik ist nicht sehr
passend gewählt (zudem aus anderen Spielen "geliehen") und es gibt,
wie schon bei GAGANOID, keine Möglichkeit, die Musik abzustellen.
Dafür waren die Stücke bei GAGANOID passender gewählt. Deswegen nur
2 Punkte.
music is a great mix of various rpg, does good ambientation.
Well suited to the type of game, gives the necessary feel that the player is locked in a fearce battle against a horde of monsters.
1 3
The sound, well, basically the music because it's mainly that, it's pretty good. Epic songs that go along very well with the fantastic battle kind of theme that it's trying to represent. Varied and well choosen, but they seem no original songs, taken from other games. Anyways i only recognised one from FFVII, without any doubt it's a music that put os on the atmosphere of the game, the only fault is that they all seem to be taken from other games OST'S.
There's multiple tunes, but the track with vocals doesn't fit well, the rest's allright. This game lacks SFX and it hurts. Some SFX during magic attacks would've created some great atmosphere!
Gameplay 13 2
Leider stand nur der "Battle Mode" zur Verfügung, welcher zudem sehr
schnell zum bloßen "A-Knopf-Drücken" verkommt. Es gibt einfach zu
wenig Abwechslung und spätestens beim dritten Kampf verlässt einem
das Durchhaltevermögen. Ich weiss, es ist kein fertiges Spiel und
somit mehr als eine Art "Work in progress" zu verstehen, aber dennoch
muss es irgendwie bewertet werden und das vorhandene Gameplay bietet
leider zu wenig Abwechslung oder zumindest Interaktion um 3 oder 4
Punkte zu rechtfertigen.
simply pushing buttons, and combats are hard to win, needed a rebalanced I.A.

A good concept that lays the groundwork for an interesting game. The UI in general is well implemented and easy to navigate. I feel the graphics for
the battle scenes are under-utilised and could do with some animation possibly even sound effects to let the player know what is going on rather than
assaulting them with a wall of text.
Spielidee eigendlich nix neues , aber dank schwer lesbarer schrift und einfacher Spiel mechanik,wirds auch nicht besser.
Schade eigendlich.Bis auf die Musik leider kein Sound zu höhren.Fehlt gut gesgat etwas mehr "tiefe".
This is maybe the weakest point of the entry. The turn based battles is a good idea taken from the great RPG'S, but the way is executed doesn't motivate too much the player. Maybe through some kind of menus instead of only pushing buttons the playability would be improved, and also would be cool the possibility of healing and revive some fallen comrades.
Just the battle mode now but plenty of enemies can be faced.
The gameplay is let down by the lack of atmosphere (which can be fixed by adding animation and SFX) and the (to be honest)
headache inducing font. The amount of damage done by attacks and magic is quite random and makes picking the right one quite hard. There's a small 'below zero HP' bug but that's only understandable. Credits for the selection of 9 characters.

Extra-Points 1 1
For artifical intelligence of cpu opponents.
Overall 43 Destiny´s Kingdom is an action RPG in a very primitive status, will be considered a first attempt to do a real competitive RPG with similar attributes such the final fantasy saga for example, you can pick 3 heroes from a variety of characters with different weak and strong ranges. The game actually needs more animation frames in combats, only poppings and none kind of sound, it´s a bit static ( button=attack, no magic or spell), would be a great game, actually is a prototype surely is becoming a great saturn title in a near future. Destiny's Kingdom shows potential but at this moment is let down by the lack of atmosphere and the incredibly hard to read stats
(which are, lets face it, a prominent part of this game).

Police Officer Smith C4, by Arnold and Rockin'-B,

Judge Sum Ceno Denymetanol djbass PerfectDarky Rockin'-B Ryo Suzuki SeGaFrEaK_NL
Graphics 26 4
Sehr schöne, vorgerenderte Areale mit einigen netten Animationen, die
zwar noch etwas abgehackt wirken, aber die Mühe, die hinter dem Ganzen
steckt, ist durchaus zu spüren. Insgesamt wirkt alles in sich stimmig
und verleiht dem Spiel eine glaubwürdige, recht realistische und nicht
*zu* trashige Atmosphäre. Auf jeden Fall wurde mit viel Liebe zum Detail
Very nice hq renders, a bit flickering animations, would progress very well.
Beautifully rendered scenery, user interface is well balanced with rest of game. There is not too much negative to be said about what has been
achieved here, some parts like the dialogue frame are a little rough around the edges (no pun intended) but not enough to detract from gameplay.
4 5
Another entrance with very good graphics. It's amazing to find a game based on bitmaps that are 3d renders, without any doubt is something great. The models seem to be made with some kind of software like Poser, but the scenarios, models and objects that we interactuate with are very attractive for a homebrew. Menus, fonts, visual and graphic aspect shows a quality worth to check. Also the graphics are in a really high resolution, the best that can offer the Sega Saturn.
The renders of the surroundings are nicely done but I'm not so fond of the main character render and the animation at the start
looks a bit silly. I guess the interface could use some work, it could look a little better. The text area at the bottom is nicely done (I like the guns) but the lines of text are cut off a little sloppy which sometimes leaves just a single '?' at the second line.
The loading screens could use some animation. (a gun that fires for instance).

Sound 25 4
Angenehme Hintergrundmusik, die gut zum Spielgeschehen passt sowie nette
Soundeffekte. Das eigentliche Highlight dürfte aber die durchgehende
Sprachausgabe sein. Die Sprecher, allen voran die Stimme von Mr. Smith,
sind zwar nicht *perfekt*, gerade die Qualität könnte besser sein, aber
dennoch ein dickes Lob für die Mühe und irgendwie sind die Stimmen ja
auch gerade durch ihre bemühte Art so liebevoll :)

Nice speech and good dialogues. Awaiting a future CG animations to introduce better the story.
Nice soundtrack, complements the mood. Sound effects are well used and placed approriately.

4 4
Another point in the one that stands out. Nothing less than the incorporation of orinal recorded voices, in German and I suppose that of the own (proper) programmers, but that stay really well and that do not make us think about a fan dubbing a game. The musical very correct, sonorous atmosphere of totally irreproachable game.
A couple of moody tunes that fit nicely. It has some interface sounds but
perhaps some more SFX would help to create added ambience. Very nice to see
actual speech being used although the main character's speech could use some work. The boss's speech is spot on.

Gameplay 19 3
Das Gameplay konnte leider nicht ganz halten, was Sound und Grafik zuvor
versprochen hatten. Vor allem die Menüführung ist noch *sehr* hakelig
und bedarf oftmals mehrerer Buttondrücke, bevor die gewünschte Reaktion
erfolgt. Zudem zerrten die häufigen Ladezeiten (trotz RAM-Karte) des
öfteren an den Nerven des durchaus interessierten Spielers.
Würde das Handling ein wenig flüssiger von Statten gehen und das Spiel
mehr Interaktion bieten (was in der finalen Version sicherlich der Fall
sein wird), wäre die Wertung mit Sicherheit etwas höher ausgefallen,
denn neben GAGANOID lässt vor allem POLICE OFFICER SMITH großes Potential
Kleiner Hinweis am Rande (hatte keinen Einfluss auf die Wertung):
Stellt man die Sprache auf "Deutsch", bricht das Programm beim Start mit
folgender Fehlermeldung ab:

GFS_Load_name_buffer failed
Lua exited with error:
[string "0.LVA"]:1: attemp to index field '?' (a nil value)
The game is simplified to use but needs more time to react. A bit slow in "screen" changes aproaching to zones and interacting too.

Though not yet complete and only partially playable Arnold & Rockin'B have effectively demonstrated what can be achieved on the now aging Saturn with
a little creative thinking and hard work. More importantly they have captured the right feel for this game, and some elements are reminiscent of
old style detective adventures (Max Payne & Police Quest come to mind).

Scheint ein sehr schönes Spiel zu werden :),die Sprach samples sind wirklich gut gelungen.
Ladezeiten an manchen Stellen recht nervig(ohne ram modul).
We are in front of what we can name a clon of Snatcher, enough said I think. A good history that shows to us in wich the interactivity is through menus like in the old graphic adventures. Very well made, it gives the sensation of playing a commercial game. Great work, we would like to see it complete someday...
POS shows potential with a large amount of objects to be looked at and inspected. Sadly, there's only two scenes in this version so it doesn't take long to have 'done' everything. Credits for the use of the RAM cart.

Extra-Points 5 1+1+1+1+1
For using sound effects AND background music.
For not using CDDA for background music.
For using a RAM cartridge.
For having hires+double interlaced backgrounds in menu.
For having hires or double interlaced backgrounds in game.

Extra points not granted:
For having polygon display in hires, because the rules don't clearly state that this goes for sprites, too.
For using dual CPUs, because the noticable advantage in game is not that clear. The author says that it significantly speeds up image transition preparation, but in the end, the slave CPU is too seldom used in game to assign an extra point for that.
Overall 75 Maybe one promising black novel best seller ^o^, this graphic adventure shocks in your tv showing hi-res rendered characters and a great sound work with digitalized speech and sounds. The actual work of the team of creators would make one great title. Actually is a bit slooow access to all navigation menus due this SUPER-HI-QUALITY-
RENDERS, the refesh and flicker of interlace is not problem, you can choose different screen resollutions but navigation is slow too. Maybe the optimization actually due to VERY occupied creatives is poor, but in near months this project will shock the scene. Another game favourite to win is this superb compendium.
Police Officer Smith could be the most sophisticated Saturn homebrew and I'm
looking forward to future versions. This preview version shows potential but
lacks a decent amount of gameplay (yet).

Gaganoid, by VBT

Judge Sum Ceno Denymetanol djbass PerfectDarky Rockin'-B Ryo Suzuki SeGaFrEaK_NL
Graphics 22 4
Die Grafik hat mir wirklich gut gefallen und sie passte trotz ihres
eher minimalistischen Charakters sehr gut zum Spiel.
Die Hintergründe stammen zwar allesamt *nicht* vom Autor, sondern
bestehen aus Artworks bekannter Videospiele, dennoch hat mir die
grafische Darstellung von GAGANOID von allen Beiträgen am besten
gefallen. Nun könnte man zwar sagen, dass der Autor nur die Routine
zum Anzeigen der Bilder zu verantworten hat und nicht die eigentlichen
Bilder selbst, aber so streng wollen wir mal nicht sein. Immerhin hat
er sie noch selbst ausgewählt und zumindest die Sprites (Schläger,
Ball, Items, Blöcke) stammen (vermutlich) von ihm.

Nice "COLOUR-TASTIC" gaming style of Pong/Arkanoid, uses hq pics and smoth scroll.
Well suited to the temporment of this game. The adaption of different themes from Sega's library helps to keep gameplay interesting and
never boring.

3 3
An entrance well balanced in all of its aspects. Graphically can appear wonderful to us. And it's pretty good the design work made with menus, backgrounds, messages, etc, but if we think for a little we see that it uses the work of others. Ilustrations are ports of different games, anyways the own elements of this "cousin" of Arkanoid are very well showed. Good graphics, that we can't judge as perfects because they aren't original fan made.
I suppose the Saturn doesn't have any trouble with the 2D graphics but it's neat to see the game running at full speed, even while the screen is filled with powerups. The tiles and sprites are neatly done and some of the stages have pixel art as their layout.
The only disappointment are the backgrounds.
While most of them are decent enough, there's
not enough contrast between them and the ball.
(from level 9 on the contrast becomes better).
Another niggle about the background repeat which
is seen after a stage is cleared. This could have
been avoided by adding a mono-color vertical strip
on the right. Very nice title screen art but I'm not too sure on the Puyo Puyo backgrounds on the interface. The font should be larger and preferably
centered. The continue screen uses two font colors
that are hardly distinguishable from each other.
A small 'bullet' or 'hand' sprite could sort this.

Sound 21 3
Richtige "Soundeffekte" gibt es bis auf das gelegentliche "Klacken"
des Balls, wenn ein Stein getroffen wird, keine. Dafür gibt es viele
Hintergrundmelodien, die von angenehm über hektisch bis hin zu nervig
reichen. Vor allem bei komplizierteren Levels wie z.B. dem Tunnel
wünscht man sich ziemlich schnell eine "No background music"-Option.

this games mixes very well very known melodies. Various and cool.
All the blips and bleeps you would expect. Tying in a themed soundtrack with the graphics is important in creating the right atmosphere.

3 3
Well well, good classic videogame like music. Music at service of playability, nothing to object.
Some of the tunes are a little short and the first stage music bleeds your ears. The music should've been a little less loud with some
additional SFX filling the void. A decent selection
of tunes though.

Gameplay 25 5
Hier muss ich einfach die volle Punktzahl geben, da mir GAGANOID von
allen Beiträgen am besten gefallen hat. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad steigt
schön kontinuierlich an und es wird eigentlich nie langweilig.
Dafür sorgen auch nicht zuletzt die zahlreichen Powerups, welche man
schon vom großen Vorbild "ARKANOID" her kennt.
Bis auf einige kleine Schönheitsfehler wirkt das Spiel zudem äußerst
professionell. Vor 12 Jahren hätte man es mit etwas Feinschliff wohl
auch verkaufen können (und ich hätt's gekauft ^^).

Easy to pass every zone, but is a demo.;-)

The most important aspect is here, its fun. Its a classic Arkanoid clone to the core, with maybe some extra stuff thrown in to keep the gameplay
fresh. A point does have to be deducted though as this is based on a port from an existing game.
The pillar in wich is based this entry. Well between all the aspects playability is the best. This demonstrates it's a good game considering it's gender, because it have enough playability to make us forget we are PLAYING a homebrew entry. Items, different levels, pretty good.
It's the classic ball 'n' paddle gameplay as we know it. The ball movement is realistic and it's good fun seeing all the balls fly around the screen (this happens too often, though). The stages are varied (including the classic snake variation)
and offer some clever touches such as hidden
and solid blocks. Sadly the classic 'stuck ball' (where the ball is unable to get out of a confined space because its trajectory doesn't change) glitch also made it in, a 'nudge' button might solve this. The biggest disappointment was the lack of a 'dash' move. It would've made the game more fair.
Extra-Points 2 1+1
For using sound effects AND background music.
For having a lot of action on screen.
Overall 70 Gaganoid is a tribute of classics, only the COLOURIST used pallete, this wallpapers with very famous characters, the construction of bricks with very known forms and objects, the items, and RECOGNIZED tracks of music are lower to THIS GORGEOUS playability. Can be considered one big great favourite this year. Only better center options, the DESIRED FUTURE HISTORY MODE, and a better messages displayed in a big fontype would be great. Oh, is very easy, i hope this will be fixed. :-P Ein Arkanoid Clone nicht grade die neuste Spiel idee.Auf meinem Pal gerät ist das Bild leider ein bisschen
nach links versetzt so das etwas fehlt.Steuerung von dem Balken ist leider teilweise zu "langsam".So das es etwas den Spielspass trübt.Musik recht erfrischend und passend.Die Hintergrund Bilder hätten vieleicht mehr abwechlungs gebrauchen können.Sonst wirklich nett.
All in all I like Gaganoid. It reminds me of the days
playing EGAwalls for hours on end. The classic SEGA
themes and tunes sure were appreciated.
With some refinements this could be classic material.
Definitely my personal favorite of the bunch, nice job!

Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager, by Madroms

Judge Sum Ceno Denymetanol djbass PerfectDarky Rockin'-B Ryo Suzuki SeGaFrEaK_NL
Graphics 14 2
Bis auf das wirklich nett gemachte Intro gibt es leider nicht viel zu
sehen. Dafür gefiel mir die "Screenshot-Funktion" sehr gut.
Im Großen und Ganzen ist zu sagen dass die Grafik in Anbetracht der
Nutzerführung sowie des Gesamtbildes durchaus passen ist. Es ist nun
mal kein "Spiel", sondern eine Anwendung und diese sollte vor allem
leicht verständlich und benutzerfreundlich sein, was hier auch beides
zutrifft. Sie ist also dem Verwendungszweck angemessen - im Vergleich
zu den anderen Beiträgen allerdings nichts besonderes, was aber auch
vermutlich gar nicht das Ziel war.


This may not have much in the way of graphics persay but what it does have is pretty solid. A simple, clean, easy to navigate interface is always
a winner in my book.

1 3
To be an utility-like entrance amazing graphics are basically innecesary, the truth is that they are very well done. Presentation screens and transitions, it's pretty good to see how well done are for the fact of being an util, in wich functionality is above graphics.
Madroms shows what he can do with the neat intro, it's an impressive effort. This is why I'm at a loss why a ASCII interface was used. Althought I can understand the benefits, it's not user friendly enough. A graphical interface with area dividers (which could've been copied straight from Deza 2) would've helped a lot. A good selection of screenshots
for each game.
Sound 15 3
Nette, relaxte Hintergrundmelodien. Soundeffekte gibt es auch hier keine
was aber wohl ebenfalls daran liegt, dass es kein Spiel, sondern eine
Applikation ist. Die Melodien sind aber allesamt sehr gut ausgewählt
und stören einen auch nicht bei längerer Benutzung.


Nothing out of the ordinary here, a well implemented set of songs that doesn't get tired on the ears. The savegame music samples are a nice touch.

2 2
Basically the same, if this entrance doesn't have any audio we wouldn't miss it. It's good that they almost put some music that accompanies.
It's nice to see that apart from the screenshots, you can also listen to the BGM of the user created games. The interface has a lack of SFX.
A couple of simple 'selection' effects would've been nice.

Gameplay 22 3
Hier hatte ich wirklich Probleme damit, das Ganze zu bewerten.
Im Grunde *gibt* es ja gar kein Gameplay, da es kein Game ist.
Ich hatte dann überlegt, die Menüführung zu bewerten, aber dann hätte
ich auch DESTINYS KINGDOM besser bewerten müssen, da es eine funktionierende
Menüführung *und* ein (zwar monotones aber vorhandenes) Gameplay hatte.
Letztendlich hab ich mich für die 3/5 entschieden, da mir dieses
Programm, obwohl es kein Spiel ist, mehr "Spaß" gemacht hat als das
bereits genannte DESTINYS KINGDOM. Auch wenn ich selbst keine Möglichkeit
hatte, die angebotenen "Spiele" zu testen, so hab ich mir doch fast alle
auf der CD befindlichen Spiele bzw. deren Screenshots angeschaut, da mir
die Funktion so gut gefiel ^^


Once again gameplay is a misleading category for this title as it is not a game so much as a utility, as such it is being judged on its technical
merits. With that in mind I can not really state more than has already been stated it is a well designed frontend that does what it says on the tin.
In this case we must think in playability as overall performance. Does what it says? yes, then that's positive and functional. Pretty good.
There's no gameplay as such but the manager has a good amount of options and controls. It's nice to see the support for multiple backup
devices and it could serve as a regular save game manager as well!
To avoid confusion it would've been nice to exclude all files from the list that aren't DEZA files. Like said, a graphical interface
would've helped.
Extra-Points 4 1+1+1+1
For not using CD-DA as background music, but sequences instead.
For supporting the backup memory cartridge.
The D2SGM optionally uses hires and double interlaced display both in menu and in-game. However, the display quality is not raised by using that high resolution, because the source images are low res and just scaled up. The correct method would have been to have images in hires and scale them down for low res display.
So of the two extra points, only one is granted for that.
Very noteworthy is, that the author uses VDP2 zoom effects. Furthermore amazing is, that he managed to zoom two scrolls in hires double interlace mode. No other contestant did manage that. This deserves an extra point, even if it's not on the list.
Overall 55 One great preview disk with a big collection of homebrew shoot´em´ups for the creative game constructor Dezaemon "Zwei". Features a very big listings and supports various resollutions too. Has music and cute backdrop images.This entry is a bit different than others. Can be considered apart of the rest due the REQUERED game to run. It´s a kind of save manager of home creations. And this disk is a recopilation of them.
Kenne das Spiel nicht wirklich wofür das ding ist.Aber macht einen inrtessanten eindruck auch durch
die "Screenshot" vorschau , und das ganze mit schöner Musik unterlegt.Sicherlich sehr sehr nützlich
für die Personen die ,die teile benutzen.
I'm a big Dezaemon 2 fan so it's likely I'll use Madroms's manager in the future. (it's about time I finished some Deza projects).
It's a lovely tool which has room for improvements.

Yaul Demo, by Piratero

Judge Sum Ceno Denymetanol djbass PerfectDarky Rockin'-B Ryo Suzuki SeGaFrEaK_NL
Graphics 17 3
Die gezeigte Grafik ist hübsch anzusehen und ruckelfrei. Allerdings sind
alle Sprites scheinbar aus "Super Mario World" geliehen, wodurch ich nur
die bloße "Zusammenstellung" sowie die grafischen Fähigkeiten des Programms
bewerten kann, welche eine flüssige, kleine Jump 'n Run Engine darstellen.
Positiv zu erwähnen ist allerings das kurze "Intro" bzw. der Welleneffekt.


Graphics are well designed and clean. Animation is flawless. The real strength here though is its use of a custom library which demonstrates the
progress that has been made by devoted souls in bringing the aging Saturn across new boundarys.

3 3
This entrance shows some ondulance effect at the beginning with the SDK logo . After seeing that wonder Mario in a good reproduction of it's classic 2D world we can check the great degradation effect on the sky. It's simple but shows a very good graphical level for it's pretentions.
A nice 'flag wave' effect and an animated Mario sprite. Could've used a screen scroll, animated enemy or power-up effect to give it
all some more depth.
Sound 0 0
Hier gibt es leider nichts zu bewerten, weder Hintergrundmusik noch etwaige
Soundeffekte. Schade, das hätte dem Beiträg sicherlich gut getan.


Not so much as a holler from ol' Mario (that would be a first, damn those noisy Italians).

0 0
It doesn't have any sound.
There's no sound or SFX. A simple looping Mario tune could've been used, I guess.

Gameplay 13 2
Die Figur lässt sich wahlweise nach rechts oder links bewegen und durch
Betätigung der A-Taste führt man einen Sprung inkl. passender Animation aus.
Leider reicht das nicht aus, um eine Wertung im Mittelfeld zu erlangen.
Hier wäre ein wenig Scrolling sicherlich Gold wert gewesen denn alleine vom
Handling und der "Spielphysik" her ist dieses Demo schon sehr gut gemacht.
Es fehlt leider an einem tatsächlichen Gameplay, wodurch leider nicht mehr
als 2 Punkte drin sind. Die Sache hat allerdings durchaus Potential und ich
freue mich schon auf einige spaßige Jump'n'Run Momente mit der hoffentlich
erscheinenden "Vollversion" ;)


If this is a sign of things to come from homegrown libraries I think there is hope for the homebrew scene to breath new life into this console.
For the kind of the entrance there's basically no playability... Anyways Mario is really well animated and it's response to our control is really good, like the original from Nintendo.
Jump up and down, walk around.
Extra-Points 3 1+1+1
For using homebrew libraries instead of SGL or SBL.
For having implemented animations, without the aid of SBL or SGL.
The linescroll-effect demonstartes a nice looking feature of the VDP2. Special effects of this kind are appreciated, so an extra point, even if not on the list.
Overall 33 This graphic demonstration give us a problem, it´s MARIO JUMPING o_O´in our saturns?,...will be surprising due to Nintendo and Sega new royalties, Joke mode now disabled :-P This demo shows a smooth sprite scrolling, it´s a BIG SCALED of Nintendo´s trademarked Mario, and works to our orders to D-Pad and button A jumping, none more...ah, and is a new written library but this demo isn´t completed with more results, or maybe more examples would be great. mmmh....err... Mario Jumps pretty well :D
Der Effekt sieht wirklich hübsch aus.
If this is the start of a platform engine for the Saturn I'd be interested to see how it develops in the future.

SEGA Blur, by VBT

Judge Sum Ceno Denymetanol djbass PerfectDarky Rockin'-B Ryo Suzuki SeGaFrEaK_NL
Graphics 12 2
Hier war es wieder sehr schwer, zu einem Ergebnis zu kommen.
Es geht vermutlich in erster Linie um den gezeigten Antialiasing-Effekt,
welcher auch gut zu erkennen ist und demnach erfolgreich auf den gezeigten
Sonic-Screenshot angewendet wird. Leider ist das aber auch schon alles,
was es zu sehen gibt. Ich kann nicht beurteilen, wie schwer dieser Effekt
umzusetzen ist, sondern nur die Präsentation und diese ist leider nicht
mehr als 2 Punkte wert, sorry. Etwas mehr "Bewegung" hätte dem ganzen
vermutlich ganz gut getan, aber das gibt's dann vielleicht beim diesjährigen
Contest ;)


Its well.. blurry.

2 2
This very demostrative entrance got it's focus mainly on the graphical side. A fixed image showing us game moments from Sonic on the Master System or the Game Gear. The objective is to achieve some kind of lost focus effect, and it goes ok. It's remarkable that the fonts with the models with the date and the C4 aren't affected of blur, only the background. Interesting.
A screen of the Master System version of Sonic the Hedgehog been blurred in
real-time. I thought my Saturn crashed but that's all there was to it.

Sound 4 1
Im Bereich Sound gibt es leider noch weniger als im grafischen Bereich.
Ein Sound-Sample ("SEGA Blur"?) wird kurz vor Anwendung des Effektes
abgespielt. Das war's.


I have to give it 1 point for even bothering to have sound, but that Hawking'esk 'Sega Blur' is nothing to write home about.

0 1
He worked to put a little effect on the sound, it deserves almost one point.SEGA!
Someone saying 'Sega Blur'. That's it really.

Gameplay 7 0
Leider gibt es hier keinerlei Nutzer-Interaktion und deswegen auch kein
Gameplay, das zu bewerten wäre. Ich vergebe wirklich nur sehr ungern 0
Punkte, aber ich versuche mich an die Bewertungkriterien zu halten.
Ich möchte hierbei zudem betonen, dass ich mit dieser Wertung keinesfalls
das Können des Programmierers in Frage stelle, dieses ist zweifellos
vorhanden. Die Punktzahl bezieht sich ausschließlich auf den Bereich
"Gameplay" und um fair zu bleiben konnte ich leider keine Punkte vergeben.


Gaurenteed to have you scheduling a new appointment with your optometrist.
It's hard, doesn't have any playability. We must tell that it got a good precission range when you play it.
It's an interesting use of hardware and could be useful in a Saturn picture viewer package.
Extra-Points 1 1
The blur effect is a perfect example for being creative in using VDP2 special features for things unexpected. This special effect needs to be honored with an extra point that's not on the list, too.
Overall 24 SegaBlur is an attempt to make new sprite effects using software tricks, would be nice on DEMOSCENE future projects this curious implementation, maybe is toooo STATIC. Would be great play sonic 1 in slowmotion and this effect appears suddenly. Can´t be considered a DEMO, but is a great programation subroutine.
Schöner Blur effekt :) Sicherlich nütlzlich wenn irgend jemand ihn verwendent.
Not really worth burning a CD for but it's a nice coding example.

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