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homebrew VMU games

Here I've collected a set of VMU games that are home-brew or not included in official Dreamcast games. You will not find a game that has been thrown together with this VMU animator or similar. It's hard to find good ones out of hundreds not even worth to download. The reason for this is twofold: first, many people just played around with that and released whatever they got together, thinking they created a game. Second, these animators seem to be very limited in development. They make just what the name suggests: animations.

But don't get me wrong, there might be good games made with these tools from people who spent a lot of time with that. But I haven't found them. And I share the idea to enable people who would never program a game to create games. A great way to keep the VMU alive. But I think a new attemp in this direction is needed to not only get a quantity of games, but also quality games.

commercial VMU games

To have a chance to compare what home-brew developers can reach of what professional developer manage to do with the VMU, I also put some VMU games of original Dreamcast games here. I would like to see such things done in a homebrew game!

Rockin'-B VMU demos

All my VMU demos can be found here, too.

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