Handheld video game emulators running on SEGA Saturn!


Some emulators I've ported to SEGA Saturn. They feature a good compatibility, but are still slow. Except for Game Boy Color, there it's the other way around.



All of them feature:

working on real SEGA Saturn(screenshots taken from TV)

frameskip support

CD browser for ROM loading from any directory

CD swapping (seperate CD with ROMS) (since v2)

slow, slight speedup (since v2)

support for multitap, recognizes pad disconnection (since v2)

support exit by pressing A+B+C+START (since v2)

no sound output (although emulated to some degree)

no zipped roms

no savestate support

Some got:

external RAM cart support

experimental sound/sprite/cpu enable/disable switches

Making a ROMs CD

Since all emus come with The Rockin'-B All Stars and all emus support disc swapping, you need to burn your own ROMS on a seperate CD-R with

8.3 filenames

subdirectories allowed

not more than 98 files per directory

This CD can then be swapped in:

1. in the emulator, press Z button to activate the file loader

2. press Y to stop CD

3. open CD door

4. remove the old CD

5. insert the new CD full of ROMs

6. close the CD door

7. press X button to scan in the new CD

You can now browse the new CD and load a ROM.