WinterSports Eins

A multi platform clone of a popular funny little game.


WinterSports Eins is a remake of a popular funny little game which has been released for 4 platforms. The GamePark 32 handheld videogame console from Korea is the first platform that gets a release of WinterSports Eins. The GP32 version of the game is an entry of the GBAX 2005. Second release is for the SEGA Saturn and is an entry of the C4 2005. The Windows and MacOS X versions have been finished long ago and have finally been released in january 2006. A Dreamcast version was planned, but not finished.

Note: Publishing in-game screenshots of this game is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!

WinterSports Eins for MacOS X

You'll need SDL and SDL_image frameworks installed.

WinterSports Eins for SEGA Saturn

This game can be found on The Rockin'-B All Stars!

Finally WinterSports Eins returns to the SEGA Saturn. The game development initially was started for SEGA Saturn and was later expanded to SDL platforms. Being short on time with the GBAX closing date, the GP32 version was released first. The game uses the Saturn hardware directly and runs at smooth 50/60 Hz. Neither my old 500 MHz PC, 700 MHz Apple nor the GP32 port can beat it!

Enjoy the game!

WinterSports Eins for GP32

There are two different versions available: "colorkey" and "alpha" (first one should be your choice).

Both versions are available as FPK install archive, which is the easiest way to install and can be done with maclink on MacOS X or PC Link on Windows,

or as plain files to be installed with a cartreader.

colorkey version:

about 40 FPS @50 MHz, 16 bpp, colorkey for transparencies

- slightly lower GFX quality

- bigger size on SMC

+ much faster game/framerate

+ much less battery power consumed

alpha version:

about 20 FPS @133 MHz, 16 bpp, alpha blending for transparencies

+ better GFX quality

+ smaller size on SMC

- much slower game/framerate

- much more battery power consumed

addon to alpha version: overclock binaries

adds untested overclocked .FXE executables to the alpha version above (which is required to be installed, too).

You need a GP32 blue that can be overclocked to 156/166 MHz!

Use at your own risc, I can't test it on my GP32.

Install notes on GBAX download of WinterSports Eins for GP32:

The GBAX download WSEins.rar contained two versions of the game (WSEinsA.fpk and WSEinsC.fpk) and two overclocked binaries(WS1A_156.fxe and WS1A_166.fxe).

This might lead people to only install the .fxe binaries and wonder why the game doesn't work. It needs graphics and sounds which are included in the FPK files, the overclock binaries are just an addon. To install WinterSports Eins on your GP32, install WSEinsC.fpk (or/and WSEinsA.fpk).

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