Saturn Orbit

The all-in-one Saturn development environment installer for Windows.

Note: this has not been created by The Rockin'-B! I'm just giving some usage advice here.


Saturn Orbit is a ready-to-go and complete Saturn development environment for Windows XP and Windows 9x operating systems. The source code of almost all SEGA Saturn projects of this website compiles right away with Saturn Orbit and half of the entries of the C4 2005 have been made with it, too.


Installation is easy, these are just some notes:

1. Download SaturnOrbit (55.6 MB).

2. Install it by double-clicking the file. It requires 250-400 MB of free space on hard drive C and will (must) be installed in C:/SaturnOrbit/. Select the components to install. You must at least select one of the two supplied compiler toolchains (COFF, ELF). Windows 9x users must select the Win9x support, too.

3. After all files are installed you are asked to compile everything. This is not neccessary, but it's recommended to run at least the COFF compiling in order to test the installation and to build the libraries. You can do it later, too, by running BUILDCOF.BAT and BUILDELF.BAT. This takes a while and increases the consumed disk space by 25%-50%.

4. Start C:/SaturnOrbit/devcpp.exe, select: tools -> environment options -> files and directories and set the startup ini file to C:/SaturnOrbit/devcpp.ini.

5. You might want to apply the patch from the right, which fixes two libs and adds a dos extender to make BGCON work.

how to compile a project

There are two ways to compile a project:

A) with Dev-Cpp (project files suffix: * and *

B) with batch files (MAKE_COF.BAT and MAKE_ELF.BAT)

Note: when compiling with Dev-Cpp and it complains "file format ambiguous", just use the "recompile all" button.